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Week 1 : Introduce yourself

I got accepted to work for three months with Galaxy! This is my first blog post oficially as an Outreachy Intern, pretty cool huh?

I’m Pia, I’m 22 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my family, my two pups and my girlfriend. Before Outreachy (and my experience as a dev) I wanted to be a pastry chef and went to school for it but in 2019 I decided to change my career path to try and become a full time developer. I still cook for myself, my mom has taught me patienly since I was 3 years old and thanks to the internet I continue investigating and learning new recipes everyday.

I’m also a ceramist but only as a hobbie, I started 5 years ago because my mom wanted us to do an activity together. I wasn’t fully convinced but I thought to myself this will make her happy so I went with her but boy was I wrong as it has become my favourite activity of the week!

If I were to choose my core values ( which I actually have to do which as it is part of the prompt of this week post 😛 ) I’d say mine are curiosity, learning and respect.

I’m known by my peers as a curious person, always asking how/what/where/when of something I haven’t heard before so as to then investigate by myself and also learn it. I have a natural drive towards trying to access knowledge of people that know best in their field or a certain subject so that I can incorporate it to my mental filing cabinets of stuff I’ve learnt. Reading a bit here and here, googling blogs, reddit post,facebook groups, libraries… you name it, I’ll go anywhere to try and quench my thirst of knowledge.

I also value respect because it’s the core value for my family. Without it we have nothing. Show respect towards those who we like and those who we don’t, those who are very similar to oneself and those that are the complete opposite. Respect is my go-to in all the aspects of my life and if it weren’t for respect I don’t think I would be writing today my blogpost for Outreachy.

I was motivated to apply for Outreachy as I wanted to get a grasp of what it truly meant to be part of a group when working as an individual and as a developer. In my past job I was the one and only responsable for the IT area and I think I would’ve learnt more and become better if i had a team to share and exchange opinions and experiences with. I also wanted to try something different and out of my comfort zone.


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