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Week 5 :Think About Your Audience

Boy does time fly by fast. I’ve made lots of progress in my project and I’ll be telling you a bit about it.

Currently I’m in charge of two tasks for my community. I’m creating a starter kit for newcomers and I’m creating a chat-bot for my community’s chat.

For the starter kit, so far I’ve been collecting information throughout my Community web-page that I think would be useful for someone that doesn’t know anything about it. I’ve created a keyword dictionary with the help of my mentors as there are many words that are specific within Galaxy and not easy to understand for outsiders. I’m waiting for the Galaxy developers to come back from their vacay as I need their feedback on what would be the best way to add all this information I’ve been collecting in a Google Docs 😛 to the webpage.

As for the chat-bot, this is more so of a fun challenge I wanted to take myself into as I know a bit about programming but haven’t used Python so far. This bot would trigger every X amount of hours within the community chats as a reminder for newcomers to ask away any questions they may have and also to check out all the available documentation Galaxy has (it will also point towards the starter kit once its set up and done :D)


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