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My experience with Galaxy Training Network

So, my next step is to fulfill the project’s final contribution and my participation will be complete, but getting to where I am was quite a journey, “where did it all start?” you may be asking

First, I had to create a github account and say hi in the gitter channel. Every outreachy applicant was just as excited as I was to join in and start contributing. My initial reactions were that there were lots of information and it might not be my place to be but I thought to myself “I can do it, I’m a fast learner and a curious one as well. Google, my old best friend, and the gitter chat will be my go-to whenever I get stuck.”

I put on my favorite jazz playlist and completed my first GTN1tutorial where I got to take in my initial bits of information on how it all worked and what Galaxy is about. I hadn’t had all quite figured out after my first tutorial so, I’ll be honest, I completed 3 and then I felt like a pro GTN connoisseur. Just joking! But if you’re a newbie I’d recommend starting with this , this and this tutorial. You don’t need an account for browsing the GTN but you’ll certainly need one when following the tutorial. Use either or to create an account, both work fine but one might be better that the other depending on your location

The next step was to start actually contributing which the first actual contribution was to share our tutorial analysis. Easy, right? But I also had to do a PR or create an issue, and oh boy it was time to get my hands dirty! Curiosity, eagerness and the challenge to learn once again got the best of me and I wanted to install a local version of GTN. Big mistake I actually had installed a Galaxy Project Instance instead of GTN. So, thanks to the mentors I got redirected to gitpod and that was easy peasy to start up. I chose my first issue which was fixing some broken references on specific tutorials. I got to learn and see how GTN structure looks like, how Matrix language works and some new commands which I haven’t used before!

Open source is amazing! I very much enjoy the back and forth with other developers and mentors who have other ideas or are more experienced than I. My job experience consisted on working with an open-source CRM(Vtiger) my company used but I hadn’t actually contributed to Vtiger itself as I didn’t know it was an option, so this experience was completely new. Everybody is welcoming, kind and patient so if you’re thinking of contributing to open-source dive right in and you’ll be met with mentors, devs, students and many more that will be eager to help you to get warm to whichever project you might be interested in!

1 GTN is short for Galaxy Training Network


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