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Hi reader, my name is Pia and I’m an Outreachy Intern with Galaxy and this will be my blog for recording my experience. Hope you enjoy!

Week 5 :Think About Your Audience

Boy does time fly by fast. I’ve made lots of progress in my project and I’ll be telling you a bit about it. Currently I’m in charge of two tasks for my community. I’m creating a starter kit for newcomers and I’m creating a chat-bot for my community’s chat. For the starter kit, so far […]

Week 1 : Introduce yourself

I got accepted to work for three months with Galaxy! This is my first blog post oficially as an Outreachy Intern, pretty cool huh? I’m Pia, I’m 22 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my family, my two pups and my girlfriend. Before Outreachy (and my experience as a dev) I […]

My experience with Galaxy Training Network

So, my next step is to fulfill the project’s final contribution and my participation will be complete, but getting to where I am was quite a journey, “where did it all start?” you may be asking First, I had to create a github account and say hi in the gitter channel. Every outreachy applicant was […]

Galaxy Communities, how many are there?

Galaxy is a scientific workflow, data integration, and data and analysis persistence publishing platform that aims to make computational biology accessible to research scientists that do not have computer programming experience. It is all over the globe and it’s amazing if you think about it someone might be 12 hours ahead or behind you! Developers, Scientist, […]

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